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BTF is a generative art NFTs (Unique Digital Collectibles) series listed on Solsea Marketplace with a strong focus on supporting and rescuing animals in need. In addition, the supply will be 3.900 and the tokens will guarantee you access to our community and towards future charity.

What we do!

Our goal is to come to the aid of abandoned animals requiring emergency veterinary care, injured or endangered animals. We also focus on rehabilitation to offer them for adoption through (mainly) international programs. We help animals that have no other hope and at the same time we launch social and educational programs to stop the abandonment and abuse of animals. But our mission is only possible with people like you. Together, let's help the communities that need us!

When you buy a BenTheFrench NFT, you are helping street animals by giving them a new chance at life. Animals ready to give a glimmer of hope to elderly people in need of companionship, provide fun social activities for entire families, or help educate future generations.

Together we offer a chance!

Creation of an ultramodern center for the care of small animals. Correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Increasing local and international adoptions. Medium-term care (until adoption) of dogs and cats rescued from the streets. Rehabilitation of abused animals. Rehabilitation of dogs with behavioral problems.

We want to offer to people with low incomes from rural areas, the possibility to receive veterinary services at a lower price or Free.

Dogs from rural zone in @Romania suffer in silence, accepting their fate decided by people who let them multiply excessively. Careless, hungry, with heavy chains hanging around his neck, exposed to the weather. You have the power to change their future today! Give them a little comfort, respect, dignity, give them a chance to live better.

We believe that an NFT project should be based on a real life problem and here we come with a long term future solution.

Frenchie for Adoption

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